Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, motivate and inspire every person who walks through our doors to become a better version of themselves.

At Templetown S&C, we are a family. It doesn’t matter what your goals are or what your level of fitness is. We are here to help! And so are the rest of our members that you’ll be training alongside.

That’s because our team and all our members embody our core values

E . L . I . T . E


Lead By Example

Inspire and Motivate

Treat People with Respect

Encourage, Motivate and Work on Finding Solutions




I’m Paul. I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 2017 and have helped hundreds of people just like you transform their bodies and lives. I founded Templetown S&C and over the years I have put my system to the test and have helped countless people become their strongest selves. I’ve worked with everyone from Ironman Athletes, Triathletes, Marathon Runners, GAA Players and Golfers to everyday people who want to lose weight, get fit and healthy. Regardless of where you are currently at with your fitness, we will help you get to the next level and beyond.

You should know that I grew up skinny, weak and painfully insecure. I was always picked last at sports. When I was young kid, a Doctor told my mum that I’d never be able to run a marathon. I’ve now ran several marathons, including some ultra marathons! In my late-twenties training and nutrition became my positive escape and I soon became obsessed. I learned firsthand how making a physical transformation can also transform your life on all levels. Once I discovered this it became my absolute mission to help you do the same. I wanted to create a program that combined high level training  and nutrition coaching with a family environment that is second to none and that is how Templetown S&C was born.